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Axial Fan

WSK axial flow fans are designed to provide excellent exhaust & supply of airflow to the designated area. It comes in direct diven or belt driven design. Fan casing comes in Long or Short case and is generally made off mild steel with hot-dip galvanize or ecpoxy paint coat finishing. Impeller use is Aerofoil adjustable pitch angel type made off Fiber Reinforced Plastic (FRP), Anti-Static GRP or Aluminum Alloy.


Fan motors available in standard squirrel cage induction type, explosion proof type, high temperature type, spark proof and dust prrof type. All at the minimal enclosure of IP 55, Class ‘F’ or Class ‘H’ insulation which are complied to international standards like IEC, ATEX 94/9, IECEX, BASEEFA, BS & AS.


Diameter range from 150mm to 2000mm.


Capacity can reach to 250,000 cubic meter per hour.

Flow Formulate:
Q = VA, Q1/Q2 = n1/n2, Pst1/Pst2 = (n1/n2)² = (Q1/Q2)², P1/P2 = (n1/n2)³ = (Q1/Q2)³.
Q: Airflow m³/sec (changes proportionately to speed)
V: Velocity m/sec.
A: Area of In/Outlet m²
n: Speed
Pst: All pressure form (changes proportionately to square of speed)
P: Power (changes proportionately to 3 power of speed)


Kitchen Hood Flow Formulate:
Wall Mount type;
Airflow m³/sec: [(1.4 X 0.3 X (2W+L) X x]
Free Mount type;
Airflow m³/sec: [(1.4 X 0.3 X (2W+2L) X x]